"As a trauma sensitive yoga practioner my goal is to help students make peace with their body, learn to experience their body as effective, and to once again trust and reclaim their body as their own." - Gina

All of my studio classes are trauma informed and intended to minimize the risk of triggering trauma while fostering a peaceful state of mind.

In a clinical setting, Trauma Senstive yoga is offered witht he intent of improving the clients ability to independently and consistently regulate mood.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is a type of yoga practice developed with the specific purpose to treat complex trauma. TSY shares common physical forms and breathing with most yoga forms practiced, but is distinctive in terms of the way the yoga classes are facilitated. 

Forms, breathing and mindfulness are targeted on the practitioners bodily experience or interoception. TSY forms and breathing are framed as invitations and opportunities for practitioners to determine their own subjective experience and begin to find their own locus of control. TSY departs from meaning making through emotional and cognitive channels, but emphasizes practitioners' bodily experience in terms of creating awareness of interacting with their bodies.

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