Gina is a registered yoga teacher who strives to inspire hope and courage while culitvating connection and empowerment through her yoga teaching.

Utilizing intensive trainings which include certifications in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Eating Disorders, Meditation and Yoga Nidra to teach in public, private, and clinical settings, and hold workshops and retreats.

As a trauma survivor herself and a mental health advocate, Gina's joy and passion is to bring others into whole-person wellness and healing and assist them in the discovery of who they were created to be.

Certifications and Education
 *World Religions, Yoga and Spiritual Disciplines Certification in progress.
"Gina’s classes are wonderful! I’ve been doing yoga for over 10 years and she is the best instructor I’ve had. Her flows are beneficial for flexibility, strength and endurance and the length of each pose is just right. What makes her classes truly special is that she integrates her faith into the practice by quoting scripture, playing Christian music and creating an atmosphere that helps us connect to Christ with our heart, soul and strength. Thank you Gina for leading us so faithfully!"
-Kim W
"How do I even begin to say what a blessing Gina has been to me! Her class is always just what I need to move my body, stretch and create a sense of peaceful wellbeing. She is grounded in her faith, which she so generously shares with the whole class, allowing us to focus on our Lord as we practice. Gina’s classes are always friendly to novice and experienced participants alike. One last thing: the lavender towels are amazing!!!"
-Jennifer K
"Gina is always serene and professional. There are always additional mats and blocks for those that might not be as prepared as they could. Her flows are complementary for both novice and advanced classmates. The pacing is not too demanding that I am unable to keep up. I appreciate her coming to my mat to give advice when needed. Thank God she's never allowed any of us to injure ourselves. The flows she provides have been truly beneficial in helping me manage my chronic lower back pain."
-Kevin H
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