Cultivating connection and empowerment.

Inspiring hope and courage.
Sanctuary Yoga uniquely and authentically offers the physical practice of yoga through classes, retreats and workshops that inspire, connect and cultivate growth and healing in students.

The physical, mental and spiritual benefits available through a consistent yoga practice are transformational and unparalleled. Unification of the body, mind, breath, soul and life of the practitioner is the desire of every class offered.

With certifications including 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Meditation/Nidra, and Yoga for Eating Disorders; each Sanctuary Yoga practice is created with all of these elements in mind to bring the maximum benefit to the practioner with each class.

Classes and Styles Offered
Sanctuary Yoga offers the following styles of yoga: 

Trauma Informed and Trauma Sensitive 
Private Sessions
Clinical Yoga Sessions
Meditation & Yoga Nidra
Gentle Flow

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For more information on in person, virtual and private classes please don't hesitate to contact GIna at Sanctuary Yoga


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